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Ahead of Eid-ul-Fitr markets in Srinagar wears festive look

Ahead of Eid-ul-Fitr markets in Srinagar wears festive look Markets in Srinagar are wearing a festive look as people are busy shopping for Eid-ul-Fitr which will be celebrated this week to mark the end of the holy fasting month of Ramzan.

Massive traffic jams were being witnessed in some of the routes in the city and elsewhere as people were thronging the specially-decorated markets. Protests by footpath vendors, who wanted to set their stalls on the roadside ahead of the Eid but were denied permission by authorities, added to the chaos.

The heavy rush of shoppers forced the authorities to come out with a traffic diversion plan.

The vendors were recently allotted a location near the historic ghanta ghar to carry on their business after they were evicted as part of governments efforts to ensure smooth movement of pedestrians and traffic in and round Lal Chowk, the nerve centre of the city.

Shops selling ready made garments, clothes, shoes and eatables like bakery products besides mutton and chicken are witnessing heavy rush, prompting many to engage more salesmen.

“It is good to see people finally coming out in good numbers.

“We usually dont have much work to do during the fasting month as people mostly concentrate on prayers and giving alms like Zakat,” Tahir Qadri, a shopkeeper, said.

Qadri, who sells shoes, said that they are doing brisk business for the past few days.

Gonikhan market, which is popular for women and children items, was jam-packed since this morning.

The 17-day summer vacation in schools, which started on July 1, has added to the festive atmosphere in the markets with children too accompanying the women on shopping trips.

People have, however, complained about the presence of a large number of beggars including those from outside the Valley and wanted the government to come out with a solution to the problem.

The fasting month will end tomorrow or day after depending on the sighting of the moon. (PTK)


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